Comprehensive Forensic Medical Exams

Our medical services include mental health screenings and a comprehensive medical examination to ensure a child is in good health and determine if the child has any historical or physical findings suggestive or diagnostic of abuse. Referrals to our intake department for medical examinations are accepted from law enforcement, child protection services and area physicians after a report of abuse.

Forensic Interviews

Our forensic interview services are legally sound and are designed to avoid excessive trauma to the child. The interviewer determines the best technique to be utilized given the age, social history, education, etc. Referrals to our intake department for forensic services are accepted from law enforcement and child protection services.

Mental Health Counseling

Mental Health Services are provided to child victims, siblings and non-offending caregivers. Therapists provide assessments, short-term counseling, advocacy, case management and referrals for on-going mental health treatment. Referrals to our intake department for mental health services are accepted from law enforcement, child protection services, area physicians and child custodians.

Family & Victim Advocacy

hope3-2-kids playingWe work with the non-offending caregivers of the alleged child victims – whether that be the biological parents, step-parents, extended family, grandparents, foster parents, adoptive parents, relatives or friends of the family. Although Hope’s Place may not be able to provide for ALL the needs a family may have, our intention will be to communicate with the family and collaborate with local agencies to obtain those needs.


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